What We Do

Sales and Marketing

A clear marketing strategy is essential to optimizing sales.  DowellGroup has the experience to develop a strategy unique to your company’s needs.

Effective marketing requires a thorough approach paired with a refined product offering - refined packaging, refined image along with a clear definition of what the product delivers to consumer and retailers alike.

Industry-Focused programs:

  • Provide strong relationship management
  • Access and utilize industry data (third party and retailer-provided)
  • Analyze item and brand positioning
  • Turn-key process and service with proven expertise

Product-Focused Programs:

  • Create and develop products
  • Evaluate packaging
  • Retrieve and analyze demographic data
  • Develop joint marketing plans for bringing new items to retail or increasing sales on established items
  • Maximize brand image in today’s brand-conscious, competitive environment
  • Compare competitive features & benefits

Strategy-Focused Programs:

  • Seminars
  • Category Management
  • Developing Niche Products
  • Understanding the Consumer
  • Utilizing Industry Data and Research
  • Understanding the Internet Marketplace
  • Category Reviews
  • Custom Databases
  • Images
  • In-house data resources
  • Acquisitions
  • Financial analysis
  • Profitability studies
  • Due diligence

Sales & Promotion-Focused Programs:

  • Develop effective in-store promotions
  • Pre-plan and develop effective presentation materials for retailer appointments
  • Counsel sales representatives on how to maximize retailer relationships
  • Consult on electronic commerce, developing a web presence or a web-based promotion

Category Management

Category Management is a partnership between the retailer, the manufacturer and the consumer.  Optimizing this partnership requires planning, insight and market experience.  Understanding of category behavior, history, and future trends are essential to category management.


DowellGroup utilizes an array of analytics to provide a fact-based understanding of how individual businesses are performing.  We invest a great deal of resources to have access to as much information as is available.  We put this information to use in various ways:

POS – Standard point of sale reporting provided by the retailer is a fundamental building block of the management of our clients' lines and is reviewed on an ongoing basis, no less frequently than every month.

Competitive POS – When available, DowellGroup utilizes retailer POS to provide an important account-specific frame of reference as it relates to item performance.

Promotional and Off-Shelf Evaluations – Using retailer-specific information, DowellGroup evaluates every promotional execution for efficacy.  We then adjust future promotional plans based on past results as needed.  When available, we also measure the effectiveness of off shelf placement in terms of item/brand sales growth compared to any costs of participation.

Syndicated Data – DowellGroup uses syndicated data to identify trends, locate opportunities, and build persuasive arguments to expand distribution of items into retail accounts.

Consumer Insight – We can also help by providing consumer insight based on retailer provided data.  We identify shopper behavior and can develop tactics and strategies based on these behaviors, maximizing sales and conserving trade funds.  Solutions are developed individually, based on each unique set of business metrics.