An Interview with our President and Founder

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Jerry, when you started the DowellGroup over 30 years ago, what was your vision?

My goal for DowellGroup started at the beginning of my career as a Store Manager then Buyer.  I’ve spent 25+ years cultivating my craft as a student of retail.  I quickly saw the missing link between the supplier and the retailer; that there was a need for stronger collaboration to speak in one language.  That early foundation on the “other side” of the desk has given DowellGroup a competitive advantage.  Our vision is to be a successful partner that adds value to the equation every day.  To be a company that  doesn’t just report the news, but a partner that helps fill in the missing local and global insights that can change the conversation from:  “yes, we can do” to, “this is what we could also do.”  We get our joy from helping our partner’s shape their goals and strategies for long-term growth.


How has DowellGroup addressed the unprecedented pace of change in today’s marketplace?

Today’s shopping dynamics have made our role more valuable than ever.  As manufacturers seek not only to increase efficiencies, but effectiveness in their go-to-market strategy; we’ve continued to expand our services in shopper insights, ROI, data analytics, marketing and merchandising to provide a more holistic solution.   When I started DowellGroup, we were referred to as brokers. Today; we are much more.  We’re a sales and marketing company with multi-discipline teams that inspire innovative thinking.


How can a sales and marketing company make the biggest impact?

At DowellGroup, our philosophy extends beyond the traditional four “p’s” in marketing:   Product, price, promotion and placement.  We believe there’s a fifth one, “people.”  By helping CPG and retail teams work together as partners, only then can they realize their full potential.  While our expanded tools like: data, insights, merchandising, etc. are critical - it’s really about HOW they are leveraged.  It’s what happens by sitting across the table with each other and creating personal ties.  We ultimately are in the “relationship” business.  While that may sound commonplace, it’s truly where we focus our energy.  By developing trust, both parties can begin to connect their complimentary skills and foster an environment where the real creative solutions emerge.

The other impact area - is knowledge.  It’s having a deep understanding of our client’s business and how the consumer thinks and feels.  For example, we have extensive experience in the personal care and beauty categories and a deep understanding of women and how they shop.  This understanding helps us discover relevant experiences for our partners that align to meet the needs of women in their personal wellness journey.